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Melissa and Doug شʵ Ẻٹ 蹫 Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Fairy ҧ  
Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - FairyMelissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Fairy
Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Fairy
Code : ME-9414
Brand : Melissa and Doug
Normal Price :  375.00 ҷ      
Special Price :  337.00ҷ
Remarks :
Status : Ready to Delivery / ԹҾѴ

Details :

Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Fairy ҧ

شʵԡ Ẻٹ ö͡͡ ǵԴ

ʵẺٹ 75 ԺѺʹءʵԡ Ҿҡѧ 2 蹫觷Өҡд˹ͺ non-stick ͧҹ *ա* سҾ ֡͡Ẻ ҧԹҡ н֡Ҹ ͧ 蹡Ѻ͹ ʴط non-toxic ʹ¡Ѻ Ѻ 4 Years+


1.    شʵ ʵԡҡẺ 75 ʵԡٹ ԺѺй

2.    Ҿҡѧ non-stick ʵ¤ ͡ (reusable) ШԴҹ Դ੾Щҡѧҹ 

3.    ҡѧٻǹ ǹ͡ öʵԡҵԴ ͧҡѧҧҡ

4.    Ҵ˭ ʵԡ㹵 дǡѺþԹҧ

5.    ѡС͡Ẻ ѹҧ͡Ѻµ Թҡâͧ 蹴µͧ ·ʹءҧ騺! 

6.    ʴط non-toxic 

7.    Ѻػҳ 4  Ǻ

Let imagination take flight with two sensational sticker scenes! This reusable puffy sticker set includes a sturdy double-sided background panel, plus 75 glitter-filled puffy stickers. Use the stickers to fill a sundrenched meadow or twilight fairy-castle garden, adding butterflies and other fairy friends. Or dress five fairies in an array of mix-and-match tops, skirts, wands, shoes, and crowns to add some stylish fun! Easy to place, layer, and reposition, the reusable stickers make it easy to tell a story of fairy enchantment. Simply place the puffy stickers on the board, then change the picture whenever you're ready to change the story! The built-in sticker collection--75 fairy stickers in all--offers endless opportunities for kids to express their creativity, all while improving fine motor skills and communication. A diecut handle and fold-and-go format make this kids' sticker activity set great for travel, too!

1. Reusable puffy sticker play set

2. Includes 75 reusable puffy stickers

3. Double-sided glossy background with 2 reusable scenes: sundrenched meadow and twilight garden

4. Convenient carrying handle--perfect for travel

5. Great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, narrative thinking

Size: 28 x 21 x 1 cm

Weight: 0.09 kg

Age: 4+ Years