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Melissa and Doug شʵ Ẻٹ 蹫 Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Mermaid ҧ͡  
Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ͡ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - MermaidMelissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ͡ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Mermaid
Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ͡ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Mermaid
Code : ME-9413
Brand : Melissa and Doug
Normal Price :  375.00 ҷ      
Special Price :  337.00ҷ
Remarks :
Status : Ready to Delivery / ԹҾѴ

Details :

Melissa and Doug ʵԡٹʫ ҧ͡ ѡС͡Ẻ Puffy Reusable Sticker Set - Mermaid ҧ͡

شʵԡ Ẻٹ ö͡͡ ǵԴ

ʵẺٹ 75 ԺѺʹءʵԡ Ҿҡѧ 2 蹫觷Өҡд˹ͺ non-stick ͧҹ *ա* سҾ ֡͡Ẻ ҧԹҡ н֡Ҹ ͧ 蹡Ѻ͹ ʴط non-toxic ʹ¡Ѻ Ѻ 4 Years+

Imagine a glittery mermaid grotto--then bring it to life with this enchanting sticker set! A double-sided, glossy background board offers lots of space to layer and arrange the 65 reusable puffy stickers: A seashell closet has room for 10 glittering outfits; a trio of dress-up mermaids is ready for a makeover in the pretty purple dressing room; and a panoramic sandy seafloor sets the stage for unlimited undersea fun. Just add the shimmering puffy stickers to fill in the backgrounds, dress the mermaids, and create an original scene! The 65 stickers are easy to place, layer, and rearrange, so the storytelling possibilities are endless. And the gorgeous dress-up stickers mix, match, and layer in any combination, and fit all five of the dress-up mermaids. When playtime is over, simply fold up the sturdy background board store it all away--then just grab the diecut handle and take this fantastical sticker set to go.Item # 9413

1. Reusable puffy sticker play set

2. Includes 75 reusable puffy stickers

3. Double-sided glossy background with 2 reusable scenes: sundrenched meadow and twilight garden

4. Convenient carrying handle--perfect for travel

5. Great for fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creative expression, narrative thinking

Size: 28 x 21 x 1 cm

Weight: 0.09 kg

Age: 4+ Years